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Leaf Filter Homeowner Reports and Reviews

Here are a couple of recent Home Owner reports about their experiences with Leaf Filter and their local installers.  First up is Keith who is not having a good time with his recent Leaf Filter installation:

Courtesy of Leaf Filter

Keith writes:

(5/27/2011) – I had Leaf Filter installed a little less than a year ago (for what I consider a hefty price) after the sales person sold me on it. While they were installing it I saw them cutting pieces of ordinary insect screen in addition to the micro-screen that keeps the small grit out. He explained they put it at only the corners to deal with heavy water flow. OK, fair enough though a little slippery of the sales guy who took over an hour of my time demonstrating the stuff not to mention this limitation. Upon departing the installer remarks “don’t worry if it runs over – it takes awhile for the oil from the manufacturer to wear off the micro-screen”. Hmmm… sure enough at the corners where the water flows heaviest it shoots out like waterfalls – a year later! I have 6-inch gutters. This product is simply flawed and misrepresented by sales staff. Don’t believe what they say.

More recently, Keith continues his story:

(6/9/2011) – First, I left a post a in [May] 2011 explaining my bad experience with my Leaf Filter install – deceptive sales pitch, untruths spoken by the installer, still pours over the gutters one year later as if the gutters are not even there. [Strange that] I got a call from a somewhat perturbed dealer telling me to chill out and they would contact me soon. Two weeks later I have not heard a word and am sitting on my front porch during a shower enjoying the waterfalls eroding my landscaping. Thank you Leaf Filter for wasting $2200 of my money.

As is typical, we get a lot of poor reviews of gutter protection products.  Angry people tend to write more than satisfied people.  I’m sure that we can all understand that.  It would be nice, however to get some detailed positive reviews of the various gutter protection products out there.  Anybody?

22 comments to Leaf Filter Homeowner Reports and Reviews

  • Can’t agree more, rain water simply wash over the gutter guards instead of flowing into the gutters, washing away dirt & debris onto the concrete thereby having to regularly clean the pavement after a downpour. Could be due to poor workmanship but a rather expensive lesson learned, definitely do not recommend installing gutter guard & be weary of written ‘estimates’ amounting to a ridiculous amount after completion of unsatisfactory work.

  • Kate

    I, too, purchased Leaf filter for my brand new home 5 years ago and the water spill over is now affecting the brick columns on my home due to water inside them. The mortar is leaching salt and crumbling. (These hold archways 15 ft high.) I have asked the company to fix the problem but while promises are made results do not materialize. Am looking into legal action if possible.

  • Joan Benson

    After receiving a quote from LeafFilter North Inc.
    I decided not to go with them to expensive although you could called them back after a quote and make them bring the price down to $10.00 per foot.
    What I found out on my research is that the pine needles stay on top of the system as well as the shingle grit, and the pollen will accumulate on top of the system and it wont wash away, with the rain like they claim. They will send someone out to clean the system for you cause the pollen wont wash away. Honestly you are paying not to deal with the cleaning of the gutters then you find out that you still need to deal with pine needle, shingle grit, and pollen accumulating. Not to mention the overflow they honestly don’t have a fix for overflow of water, the system is not design to accept excessive volume of water on heavy rains.. So honestly do your homework before purchasing the system.

  • Joan Benson

    Another peace of Advice file a BBB Complaint also could file an insurance claim and have your insurance company go after them. Call LeafFilter Corp office directly, send them an email to the website. Make a stink a big stink the bigger the stink the faster the response. We should not be lied to by sales men and to feel that we’ve being taken advantage.
    LeafFilter is only about the money not the customer or its concerns.

  • Martin in NJ

    I had mine installed on Saturday, Oct 08, 2011.

    A year or two ago I did some research on gutter guards and actually installed three different types of Amerimax products from Home Depot. I did that to see which type worked better. From what I had read, and from my experience, the mesh screen type works the best for most situations. Note that I understand that no product is 100%. If you’ve been cleaning your gutters four times a year, after installing just about any type of gutter guard, you’ll cut that down to zero times a year and will just need to do some maintenance/cleaning once every few years. So if you keep that in mind, don’t fall for the “it’ll never clog” or “you’ll never need to clean it” gimmicks. You can’t realistically believe that you can put on a gutter guard and never have to do anything to it.

    Because I actually have experience installing gutter guards, I know more about them than the average homeowner. So why did I get LeafFilter installed? Because they were for my top gutters, which are too high up for me to comfortably and safely install on my own.

    On Sat, Oct 01, 2011 I met with Steve, the LeafFilter salesman. He showed me the product and based on my experience, I knew that the design was good. He made some additional points that made the product stand out, such as the following:

    - It can be easily removed since it goes on top of the gutters and is only held down with screws on the front.
    - It does not install under your shingles, so it won’t disrupt them or void any shingle warranties.
    - He mentioned that it was rated #1 in its category by Consumer Reports. He showed me the article and I verified it and read it thoroughly later on at

    The product looked very good and basically sold itself. I didn’t fall for the sales pitches—I based my opinion on previous experience and knowledge, so I knew what to look for.

    I had specifically asked Steve if the installers were contractors and Steve stated that they were LeafFilter employees and he even went on to state that if anything happened to them during the install, they would be covered under LeafFilter’s insurance. Everything sounded good, so Steve wrote up a contract and said that I wasn’t obligated to go through with it, but it was easier for him to write it up now. That’s fine, since I wasn’t required to put any money down. Also, because of miscalculations on my part, I understated the length of my gutters and we had agreed to a price already, so I ended up getting several feet extra at no cost. The retail price on these is $20 a foot, installed. I got mine for well under that.

    After doing some additional research, I found that several of the issues with LeafFilter appeared to be with the install. I figured that the install quality wouldn’t be much of an issue for me since I’d get up on the roof to inspect the work as it was being done. The Better Business Bureau in NJ only reported two complains, one of which one was resolved satisfactorily.

    So based on my findings, I contacted Steve and agreed to the install. I warned him that I was going to inspect the work and would not cut a check until I was satisfied. I asked if the install could be done on Saturday and he said probably around 10:00 AM. OK, I thought, 10:00 AM, give or take an hour or two. Well Saturday comes and I hear nothing from anyone and it’s noon already. I contacted Steve and he stated around 1:00 PM. OK. It’s now 2:00 PM and no one is here. They finally showed up AFTER 4:00 PM. They had run into some issues at the first job and it took much longer than expected. In retrospect, I should have cancelled the install since it was late and these guys had been working all day already.

    I was down the street eating lunch so I wasn’t’ home when they arrived. When I pulled up to my house, right away I didn’t like what I saw. They had a saw sitting on my lawn and boxes of screws and brackets. The ladders and other tools they had were not very professional looking. There was no van or truck there because the supervisor had to go to Home Depot to get supplies to finish up the first job. So it was just two guys there.

    Anyway, to get to the point, after talking to these guys, I find out that the one had only been doing this for three weeks. I went up on my roof to inspect their work and noticed that several sections in front had the filters installed on top of the first layer of shingles. In several sections, the fronts of the shingles were torn. So much for the non-disruption of shingles!

    The supervisor comes back and I tell him about the issue with the front. By this time the two other guys had already started on the back and it was getting dark (close to 7:00 PM now). The supervisor basically ripped out most of what they had done on the back and re-installed it and worked with the one guy to finish the back. By now it’s dark out and I had to get them a work light since I didn’t want them to mess up anymore—if they couldn’t install it correctly in the day light, I was scared to think of how they’d do in the dark.

    I inspected the back and didn’t see any damaged shingles. I made them take out and reinstall at least two sections on the front. By now it’s almost 8:00 PM. The install took over three hours, not the 1 ½ – 2 hours that Steve mentioned.

    My roof and gutters are less than four years old and in good condition. The gutters are just a long straight run with a short corner on both front and back. In my opinion, this had to be one of the more ideal installs and should have been pretty straightforward. I can’t even imagine these guys working on more complicated installs. The one guy said that the install they did earlier (the one that took so long) had a lot of corners so it took more time.

    They are also supposed to “seal, repair, and realign” the gutters before install. I asked the one guy if they checked the pitch of the gutters and he said they only check if asked to. So basically they just clean out the gutters and then do the install. And lastly, I find out from the supervisor that he’s a contractor, NOT a LeafFilter employees as Steve had stated. That explains the lack of any type of LeafFilter uniform or signs on the van. Oh, and the van leaked oil so now I have two oil spots on my driveway. I was being nice and told the supervisor he could park in my driveway so it’s partially my fault.

    The next day I go up on my roof again to inspect the work. I found several uneven areas and the back corner had some large gaps that weren’t caulked properly. I feel bad for the other home owners who probably never inspected LeafFilter’s work. My concern now is that the damaged shingles could cause issues down the road.

    Sunday, October 09, 2011

    I submitted my complaint via’s “contact us” page.

    Wednesday, October 12, 2011

    It’s been over two business days now, and haven’t received any response from LeafFilter so I called the corporate office and the person I spoke to stated that it can take a few weeks to get a response to complaints. I said that I would file a complaint with the BBB if I didn’t hear back from someone today.

    Later in the day I heard from someone in corporate and he took down my information. I told him about how Steve misrepresented to me that the installers were employees. He said that the installers are indeed subcontractors, but they only work for LeafFilter.

    After that, I heard from the installation manager in NJ and e-mailed him some pictures of the work.

    Thursday, October 13, 2011

    The installation manager came out to take a look. Coincidently I was home sick so I was able to meet him in person and showed him the areas that had issues. He readjusted the front part that was uneven by repositioning the bracket. On the back corner, he put in another screw and more caulk. Regarding the damaged shingles, he said they would be OK since they’re just damaged a little bit and my roof line is further back. He reassured me that if I ever have any issues, everything is under warranty.

    The install manager kept telling me that everything is under warranty, so even if I didn’t spot the bad work, if I had issues in five years, I could call them up. Yeah, that’s great that they have the lifetime warranty, but it’s an inconvenience for me to have to use it—the work should have been done correctly the first time. He said that the rest of the install looks good (of course it does, because I had the installers redo the areas in the front when they were here).

    Bottom Line: This is a good product, but you need to keep an eye on the installation. Because LeafFilter uses contractors, I don’t think they’re able to maintain the quality of installations. I think it all comes down to money, and it’s cheaper for them to use contractors because they just pay by the job, so if the contractors run into issues and take twice as long as normal, the contractors probably don’t get compensated. If you had LeafFilters installed, go up and inspect the installation. I feel sorry for the people who didn’t inspect the work and might have issues later on. Here’s some additional advice:

    - Get everything you discussed in writing—even the part about the installers being employees. Whatever you asked and whatever the answer was, get it in writing.
    - Schedule to be the first job of the day and take off from work if you have to. If you get it done on a weekend, there probably won’t be anyone in LeafFilter’s office to complain to if you run into issues.
    - Never pay until the work is completed. I didn’t really want to give the check to the installers, but they did do the work, albeit bad work. I knew I could file a complaint later so I paid them.
    - Get up on the roof and inspect the work. You cannot take it for granted that these guys will do a good job. Even if you have no experience with gutter guards, a bad install should be pretty easy to spot.

    • Dan

      You are so right about the company. I did some sub contracting work for leaf filter early on in 2011. I own a gutter company in new jersey and have dealt with the same guys your talking about in you story. You have nailed them perfectly. I worked for them for just about 4 months and had to stop because i’m all about the quailty of my work and they won’t. I know for a fact that all they care about it the money. I have pictures and texted messages from there install manager at the time telling me not to worry about the home owners gutters just caulk it and collect the check. I even got in trouble when i offered to install new gutters on home owners houses at cost just because i knew they would be better off with new gutters.

      I have been installing gutters for18 years and i know quailty. Hiring sub contractors to do your work is not right. Great for them, but impossible for them to maintain high standards. I would love to come out to your house and investigate there work.

  • Dan Cullman

    I’ve had “Leaffilter” on new gutters for two winters, now and am very disappointed. There’s a constant, increasing buildup on them and they overflow as if I had no gutters. Never again!

  • Jim

    I have had Leaf Filter installed on my home for a year and 2 of my neighbors have it also and we live in a wooded area in New jersey. None of us have problems with clogging or with water flow. In fact I had a some cheap crap on my gutters that was installed by the builder and had nothing but problems. It does exactly what the salesman Steve said it would, it keeps the leaves and needles out of my gutters and we remain clog free. The installers were great I even tipped them. I would recommend it to anyone.

  • Dell off 295

    We back up to the woods in a new senior community. We had stainless steel mesh installed by someone that I consider to be reputable. We were not able to do a post-inspection, however. We just had a 2 hr. rain event-not buckets-more like a shower. We sat on our deck and watched as a steady stream of water splashed down across the length of the gutter. My hubby contacted the owner/installer and was told that he’d take a look in about a week and a half. Hubby explained that, since the install, nothing has been able to grow along the spill line. We’re supposed to get more rain very shortly. I plan to videotape it. I look forward to problem-solving this dilema. Hopefully, there’s a simple solution.

    • Team

      We would LOVE to feature your video on our website when you have it available. Let us know once you have it posted to YouTube, or whichever video service.

  • What a great page you have here it has a lot of tips that can help those people who needs the best gutter guard for their house. Thank you for sharing more power and God Bless…

  • Ron I cannot comment on how good or bad the LeafFilter product works as my installation was so below standards I fought for over a month with LeafFilter and the financial institution before I could get a refund and have the product removed. In my opinion,

    I cannot comment on how good or bad the LeafFilter product works as my installation was so below standards I fought for over a month with LeafFilter and the financial institution before I could get a refund and have the product removed. In my opinion, the sloppy installation, primarily the caulking of the micro-filter, joints, and seams, would have prevented the product from working properly.

    I had a picture to post here but apparently this site does not allow pictures. Too bad, because the picture spoke volumes about the installation.

    As you may suspect the picture was a far cry from the photos on LeafFilter’s website or the sample shown by the salesman.

    This is more about the personality of the company, how they treat customers, and a less than satisfactory installation than anything else. I would like to offer the following guidance and admonitions to those considering this product:

    1. LeafFilter uses sub-contractors as installers. Nothing wrong with that necessarily except that the salesman boldly lied when he told us that ALL installers were LeafFilter employees.

    2. The micro-filter is not installed at the factory as we were led to believe. The sample shown by the salesman had neatly installed micro-filter on a poly-vinyl foundation. In our case this micro-filter was installed on site with caulking oozing out in many places clogging the holes in the filter. We were told later, at the inspection, that we should not expect the installed product to look like the marketing samples or pictures. Sorry, if I purchase a refrigerator advertised in the paper or on TV, the product I bring home should look the same except for perhaps the color.

    3. Customer service is not LeafFilter’s forte; no calls are returned on Friday and no travel out of the office on Friday or Monday as a matter of policy as Friday is payroll day and Monday is their busiest day. I’m willing to bet they would find time to take a call that rang the cash register bell! According to their VP of Installation 24 hours is adequate time to return a call. Therefore my request to have someone inspect my installation on Friday would not have happened until Tuesday had I not escalated the problem. I could have very well missed my three day cancellation window had I waited for them to return my call.

    4.If you use the 12 month same-as-cash option you only have three days to cancel. Not sure if this is business days or not. Had I waited for the Tuesday inspection, as they proposed, I would have been out of luck. Fortunately, I didn’t hesitate and cancelled the day after the installation and signing the agreement. If you pay with a credit card or check you obviously have other options. Inspect before you pay or sign anything would be my advice. In fact, keeping an eye on the installation every step of the way is always a good idea.

    5. I understand LeafFilter typically does a walk-around after the install (they didn’t ask in my case; wonder why?). My house is a single story so the gutters are low. From ground level, and I’m 6’ 4” tall, it’s not possible to properly inspect the installation. You must use a ladder. I assume most folks looking for gutter guard type products can’t or won’t use a ladder for one reason or another. I wonder how many crappy installations are out there that folks don’t even know about because they couldn’t do an inspection?

    6. There are similar products available at the big box home improvement stores that cost a lot less. Keep in mind that LeafFilter cleaned the gutters first and performed the installation; shoddy as it was. My LeafFilter installation was north of $20 a foot after a $200 senior citizen discount and applying a $250 coupon. Compare that with one similar-looking product that sells for 70 cents a foot. You have to do your homework.

    7. Read the warranty very, very carefully.

    By the way, I counted approximately 46 Better Business Bureau complaints across several states. That may not sound like a lot given the number of installations but when you consider that people generally do not file BBB complaints and that many customers may not have inspected their installations it gives you cause to wonder.

    I realize that some of the above has been mentioned on this site before. If nothing else this solidifies that some things haven’t changed particularly as it relates to installation and customer service. Nobody likes to be taken advantage of. I only hope this prevents someone from making a mistake.

  • No gutter cover keeps everything out. For example, bees love to get into covered gutters, build a beehive and then leave. The hive stays, floats down to the outlet and clogs the outlet. This clogging occurs with all debris that gets into gutters, covered or not.

    So the problem is not debris in the gutter. Water always follows the path of least resistance and flows over, under and around debris in the gutter. If the outlet is clear the water will flow out of the gutter. If the outlet is not clear the water will not flow out of the gutter.

    Properly flowing gutters are all about the outlet, the clean, clear outlet. But keeping outlets clean is (was) a difficult, dirty, time-consuming even dangerous task.

    Not any more. With The SpoutOff all homeowners can check and clean their outlets, 1, 2 even 3-story in less than 1 minute standing safely down on the ground. Check out The SpoutOff at

    The SOLUTION to all rain gutters working properly is ensuring all outlets in all gutters are always clean and clear. The SpoutOff does this.

  • Jason Cecil

    I had Leaf Filter installed on my home back in 2007. I must say that my experience was a little different than the some of the others. My experience was nothing but positive. The salesman was great, the installers we awesome, the product works.

    I have lots of leaves that prompted my call. The salesman showed me the product and I decided to give it a try. The installers showed up on time and were very professional. The product works as well as they claim with no clogging and yes the water does go into the gutter and does not overshoot.

  • lynn Cecil

    My experience with this company has been a little different. I have had the product since 2007. It works great. Installers were great . The salesman was great. Product really works As advertised.

    We have all types of debris around our house. Again the product works great.

    I would definitely recommend.

  • Barry Smith

    product works great for me . No complaints. Good company

  • Steve S.

    Kirkland, WA
    I had Leaf filter provide me with a “free” estimate.
    First, they didn’t show up at the scheduled time. I got a call from the “operations manager” that they would come out and give me a 10% discount off the estimated price. I was at work so when the operations manager came out I had my elderly father meet with him. The estimate after the initial discount (home show) as well as the “10% discount” was almost $10,000!! And there wasn’t a cost per liniar foot, just a brochure with the estimate minus the “discounts”. When I got home and looked at the estimate I basically tore it up and disposed of it. Oh…another intersting tid-bit…they came out on a Thursday afternoon and wrote on the estimate that this price was good until Friday at 9am… What a joke… I then got a call on Sunday late morning from the “operations manager” telling me that he has to move merchandise so he can do my house for $3,350… I hung up… I don’t work with clowns…

  • Lora

    I had a Leaf Filter Gutter System installed on my home in October of 2010 at a cost of $3962.00. They represented that the mesh screens of the system “is nearly 100% water permeable and has self cleaning properties; no organic debris or shingle grit can permanently adhere to it to cause it to clog.” Since early spring of 2012, the LeafFilter gutter system mesh HAS clogged with organic debris and/or shingle grit and water is flowing across the top of the mesh(despite constant cleaning)like Niagra Falls and onto my carport and landscaping causing damage. I have tried to contact the contractor…no response. I filed a BBB case against Leaf Filter LLC (who I sent my signed warranty contract to) and they basically stated to the BBB that they were not responsible and to stop bothering them with all the claims. Which leads me to believe that they have had MANY complaints.

  • Had leaf filter installed several months ago and I couldn’t be more pleased. Cost comparison they were half the price of other products.installation was completed on time and in one day.I’ll finish with so far so good!

  • I had the gutter system for two months now. The first rainstorm the water was coming over the gutters. A little while later, debris, such as pollen, pine needles. and leaf
    debris started to collect on top of the screen shield. This caused more water to run over the gutters. I have complained three times already, and the company sent someone to clean the debris. The salesman and the workers say that the debris will wash or blow off. Neither has happened, it just keeps getting worse. I wanted gutter protection so I would not have to clean debris from my gutters with a ladder. They say now, that every once in a while I should get up there and clean off the debris. What’s the point of spending so much money and having this result. After having the debris cleaned yesterday, June 10, 2013, I am wating for s call from the headquarters about what they are going to do about my dis-satisfaction. DO NOT purchase this product. The salesman lied about the accumulation of debris on top of the screens. They do not work. All I hear are more excuses.

  • josh

    I work for leaf filter, I’m a commercial account manager for them. that sounds like the system was not installed correctly. When the installer installs the micro mesh, they were supposed to have soaked it in a solution that would remove the film allowing water to go through the mesh. It is true, every negative experience brings more comments than the positive ones. Installed correctly, our product is most definitely the best product to choose for gutter protection. I hope Keith was able to use the 1 800 number we provide for all service needs to resolve this problem.

  • Gay Henderson

    I purchased Leaf Filter on 8/6/13 but haven’t had the opportunity to see if it keeps the leaves out yet. My complaint was to the sales pitch. The salesman was very nice and I think that is why I fell for it. He new I couldn’t afford it but in his way of selling it was to keep giving me discounts so I would think I was getting a good deal. Plus, they installed it early the next morning so I wouldn’t have time to cancel. I have been very upset with myself ever since because I couldn’t afford it but I needed help with the cleaning. I couldn’t sleep for days I was so upset. I was forced to retire 3 yrs ago but that didn’t matter to him because he knew I was getting retirement benefits. Those benefits have got to last me a long time since I don’t have a spouse. I know he was only doing his job but he shouldn’t have done it that way. It was too expensive for me but he kept on ‘pitching’. I’m usually not that gullible but he knew how to sell and prey on women and/or people that really can’t afford it by being very nice and persuasive. The installers cleaned up the area around the house but no one called to see how things went and still haven’t. I will never fall for a smooth talker again.

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