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Waterloov customer experience

Here’s a reader comment about Waterloov…


When I remodeled my house I had Waterloov gutter protection installed. It was the worst mistake I ever made, and I insisted they remove it after the first winter. Not only can it not handle heavy (thunderstorm type) rains without the water cascading over the top like Niagara Falls, but in the winter they cause HUGE heavy icicles to form. And worst of all, they caused ice dams inside the gutters because the snow and ice backed up underneath the top flange which is slid UNDER the front of the roof shingles; the snow/ice melted down inside the walls and caused damage to the interior of the house. This was verified by a unbiased inspection of the damage by a home inspector/engineer. Unfortunately the Waterloov installer would neither pay for the repair of the damage (they refused to admit liability) nor refund any of the $2600 the original installation had cost. I would never put in any of the solid-top gutter systems again (and by the way they do not block fine material such as new-roof granules or silt, which accumulates inside the gutter and cannot be cleaned out because the gutter is covered up). I found a local college guy who charges about $50 to clean gutters, which I have him do in May (for tree bud/branch litter) and November.

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  • Andy

    What you are saying is so, uncharacteristic of waterloov design and Waterloov is the only actual one that has no overshooting. You must work for one of the inferior product guys with the typical leaf guard and hood systems. Nice try though. I have several videos of the hood systems and leaf guard with the Niagara falls overshooting you pretend or lie when you are trying to defame Waterloov. Waterloov is the only one with the design and Valleys that no other system can accomplish. Had to remove several hood systems, gutter guard, and leaf guard which clogged atrociously to replace with Waterloov and the homes are now 100% free of overshoot and are absolutely clog free. You obviously work for one of these other companies and if you look at the gutter guard type contracts they even have to state that some skipping may occur in certain types of rains and they are jealous that Richard’s Waterloov contract Guarantees no overshooting.

  • Tim Pascale

    Ice dams are caused by insufficient attic ventilation, never by gutters or any type of cover. Think about it: How could gutters or gutter covers make snow melt and turn into ice? I know! they do not create heat. The heat comes from the home interior, and then into the attic. Without proper ventilation in the attic, the heat melts snow on the roof and then it turns liquid until it reaches the eave or overhang, by definition, there is no house under the eave thus no heat and the water freezes here, coincidentally, where the gutters are.
    Please educate yourself before you spew ignorant trash all over the internet . I am sure you will not as your story indicates that you are not wanting to learn, only to blame.

  • Randy

    I’ve had the waterloov system for the last 7 years. I can assure you that I don’t sell or work for any of their competitors. This system worked well on a simple straight roof. Where the roof formed valleys, I had the “Niagra Falls” effect. Where the dormer was dumped directly on the 1st floor roof,I also had problems.This was to have a “lifetime warranty”. These are only as reliable as your contractor.This “warranty” actually lasted less than 6 Mo.
    My wife had to track him down & confront him before ANY attempt was made to correct the problems.Beware,do your homework.This is not the answer to all spouting problems.

    • Dan

      I have installed waterloov for over 15 years and i know that there are problems with shooting over in the valleys. There are ways that need to be done to prevent this from happing. Not sure what your house looks like but i have been back to my fair share of jobs that the installer didn’t know what they were doing and it was shooting over. I have found that in 99% of the cases i have found it to be an install problem not a product problem. Also you are having a company problem as well. Just because a company installs waterloov doesn’t mean that there a great company, or even means they know how to install it correctly. NO gutter guard is perfect however i have found that waterloov is one of the better ones on the market. You just have to find the right company to install it.

  • Howard Sorsdahl

    I need to know if you can supply WATERLOOV brand gutter guards and if so is there a location in the Atlanta, Georgia area where I can pick them up, and pricing info.
    Thank you for your assistance.

  • Andrew he was looking for a price…. Tell us how expensive it is.

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