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LeafGuard Review

Here is a review of the LeafGuard gutter filter system as provided by a real owner.  Sounds like another argument for the cheapest possible Do-it-Yourself gutter guard system.

From Margarethe:

I had a very bad experience with LeafGuard. The gutters never worked proberly ! Rather than fixing them, the company blamed it on my roof. Eight different contractors said that my roof was not to blame, that the gutters were improperly installed. They need to be removed and put on correctly. The summer rains found water coming over the gutters as well as between the fascia and the gutter, as well as under the shingles, making a wet deck. This has caused the fascia to rot. In the winter, the water which was always pushed up under the shingles,summer and winter, froze. The ice dams melted slowly on warmer days, putting water on the sidewalks and at night this froze, so I had ice on the walks at my exits. It was a complete nightmare.

The company just stalled and wouldn’t answer most of my calls. I tried to work with them on a solution, but they just blamed the roof. When I thought that we had an agreement, they refused to put anything in writing. I gave up in dispair and disgust. I finally had to take them to small claims court where I won a judgment against them. Now, I can find a good contractor to remove and replace the gutters.

Customer service appears to be a foreign concept for them.

6 comments to LeafGuard Review

  • Dupontdub

    This makes absolutely no sense and is obviously a made up lie. I would explain but the complaint is so stupid and has so many flaws i wouldn’t even know where to start. I am guessing it is one of their competitors or someone with a vendetta.

  • Just got my refund

    My experience is similar to Margarethe. They sold me a system for a house in a snowy climate. The very first snowfall ended with huge icicles where I had never had them before. When I complained, consistently and persistently, they sent out a guy who explained they were improperly installed, but that icing was sometimes a problem due to “inadequate insulation”. My house is a log cabin with a roof, over plywood, over foam, over timbers over my living room. There is no way to add insulation. If this is such a common problem the salesman ought to be required to mention that.

    Fortunately the salesman blew it in 3 different ways on the contract and when I rattled the lawsuit saber, they caved and sent a refund. Leafguard has dubious business practices in my experience.

    I would never let them back on my property.

  • j

    Dealing with Leafguard is like pulling teeth. The poor installation and design has caused serious damage to a friends home. Water would roll over and behind the gutters. I have over 40 pics if anyone is interested. The home these gutters are intalled on is owned by a couple who are bit older and asked me to deal with the warranty if possible. I spoke to the local company, they made false promises, acted as if they were to busy to accommodate us. A co owner told me they would take action and get back to me within half a day, when I called back to speak to the same person the next day they had forgotten my name and the issues they left me thinking they were handling. At this time I was also notified by a co owner that the particular gutters installed did not work well on a hip roof!!! That’s the type of roof this gutter was installed on. After calling headquarters, I was refered to a quality guy in Florida, he was of little help. He asked us to email pictures of the damage. I emailed the photos, waited a few days, then called him on the phone, he had not even looked at the photo’s….thanks for wasting our time sir! During this conversation, I asked what warranty Leafguard had for their gutters….and this is a quote…..”we guarantee the paint”. I asked if that was all that was guarantied, at this time he told me he doesn’t deal with contractors, which I’m not, and insisted on only dealing with the homeowner, who knows nothing about construction and was taken for a lot of money by a salesman who, in my opinion, new he was selling a high priced, un-effective product. Early in the discussions with the franchise, we were lucky enough to have them send out an installer. The installer stated that the particular gutters on the house were to small, told us when these were bought it was one of the last yrs they were installed, recommended the alternate gutter with a screen over the product, and after looking at the installation pointed out that the gutters had been installed over the drip edge in multiple locations. After getting the great news about the paint warranty on the leafguard from a quality person, I was met with a call from the franchise owner who politely asked me if would roof her house for free? Then stated that was what we were asking her to do for us. Not true…..we just want you to stand by your product. The gutters were bad enough, then add in all the other damage to the home and it adds up to quite a bill. I have over 40 photo’s and would be happy to share these with anyone who is considering buying these gutters. I’m more than sure that the local handyman with a truck would give better quality, and be willing to stand by the installation. Just my opinion.

  • mike

    I am looking for gutters with a leaf barrier. Of course, Leafgaurd keeps coming up so I looked up some reviews…. I have found only 1 positive review…WOW this company is bad!!!

  • Kathy

    We also had LeafGuard gutters installed. Huge icicles form where they never did before. The contractor sent out an employee who said they are installed correctly. Huge icicles fall off the house causing a real safety concern. The gutters keep everything out even the water. We have black mold growing in the upstairs bathroom that was never there before and our sliding door seems to swell and difficult to open. They have changed the contract to state ice dams form but who knew no matter how little or how much snow falls it is dangerous to walk out the doors.


    What garbage. I had those gutter guards installed for $1,500 and they strongly stipulated that there was no warranty. I truely believed they would be great.The first and second rains came and the water ran over them and caused water to gush over the sides every where they were installed.They even caused large water holes in the mulch below.After 3-days installed I had them removed by a contractor. Thew salesman screens his calls and never answers. If there is a problem he won’t call back.Can you imagine during the winter.Don’t buy, run as fast as possible.Im out $1,500.00

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