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Review of GutterMaxx Leaf Protection System

Joe chimes in with another Reader Report, this time we get a little expert advice and then an endorsement of the GutterMaxx Leaf Protection System.  Here is Joe’s lengthy report:

The main problem I have found for using ANY cover with your standard open tray gutter is that this type of gutter installation has major flaws.

First of all, it is never installed with a drip edge on your fascia board (thats even if you have a fascia board at all, if not, your troubles are compounded… will touch on later) A drip edge is designed to keep water off of your roof line wood surfaces (fascia board, rafter tails, roof decking) otherwise they will begin to rot, eventually causing you to spend thousands of dollars on a roof line repair.  The reason a drip edge is never used with a standard open tray gutter is that the spike or screw has to penetrate it in order to mount the gutter to the home, thus rendering it useless.

Gutter Damage

Roof Line Gutter Damage

(Image above courtesy of

Often, we see a gutter mounted directly to the rafter tails with no fascia at all!  With this type of scenario, the only surface to attach the gutter to is the end of the rafter tails.  In summary, the standard open tray gutter installed on 99.9% of all homes is the cheapest system a builder can put up on a home to get it sold.

Drive around any neighborhood and soon you will see this type of gutter pitching, leaning, falling off etc.  So explain this to me.  If an open tray is eventually going to cause damage to my home and quite possibly fall off, what good is putting a cover on it?  Now you get it!

From what I have seen with many no clog gutter systems out there, is that ONLY GutterMaxx stands tall.  It is installed with fascia, with a drip edge, the gutter tucks up under the drip edge and the nickel plated screws that mount the system to the home are below the drip edge as not to penetrate it.  The hoods have two ways for the water to enter the system, which causes a flushing effect keeping debris in the stream.  And since the internal brackets are elevated, once it enters the stream it is a clear shot out to the downspout.

GutterMaxx in Action

GutterMaxx in Action

This system is also the only system designed under the premise that stuff will get in!  That’s why it works so well… it was designed to handle debris and not try to keep it all out!  Listen to LeafGuards ads and you will hear something like this, “Keeps ALL debris out that can clog your gutters”.  Really, ALL?  In other words our system can stop nature, think again.

If you look into the history of no-clog systems you soon discover that LeafGuard was the first attempt at extruding a gutter on-site with a hood on it.  It was designed and patented by K-guard approximately 16 years ago.  They franchised it and low and behold LeafGuard was born.  K-guard gave the franchise owners a 2-year no-clog warranty.  Later, the franchises extended that to lifetime to build a book of business.

After putting the system up for about 5 years they discovered that the system had some major flaws.

  1. It was too small, it actually will fit inside a standard 41/2″ open tray gutter.  So installing it with a thick roofing material became difficult.
  2. The design would not allow the use of a drip edge, and we have already seen what that causes.  When this was discovered they started to put caulking on the back of the gutter when they installed it.  (A short term solution at best)
  3. It clogged!  what a no clog system that clogs, heaven forbid, remember the nature issue!  When they went out to unclog it because of the Lifetime warranty the discovered another problem.
  4. It was very difficult to access because of the one piece design.  Once installed it was like a soda can!  And finally,
  5. Damage issues, if the hood was damaged the owner was forced to buy a whole new run of gutter!  Yep, a one inch dent could cause the owner to purchase a new 40′, 50′ 60′ etc piece.

Imagine getting a ding on your car door, you take it in to get fixed and the repair place gives you a quote that makes you pass out.  Then you learn that to fix the door ding you have to purchase a new hood, the other doors, all the quarter panels, the trunk, everything because its all connected.  One piece is great on paper and in theory but in reality – not smart.

So after discovering and dealing with all these design set backs, they went back to K-guard and asked them to design a system to replace the first attempt.  They did!  the GutterMaxx system was born.  Now, it was not called that when it was presented to the LeafGuard franchise owners obviously because it was going to be their new product.  K-guard looked at the problems and solved them all because, like I stated earlier, they figured out that you cannot stop nature but you can control it to an extent.

K-Guard in Action - so this is identical to GutterMaxx?

K-Guard in Action - so this is identical to GutterMaxx?

No, the system is not perfect, but what it does along with its crown molding type majestic appearance backed up with Lifetime warranties from K-guard, it is without doubt the best system available to date.  Oh! why isn’t it Leafguard?  Well, when they found out that they would have to re-tool at a cost of $65,000 per truck per franchise owner plus re-do all their advertising from a one-piece system to a two-piece system, they turned it down.  K-guard decided to market it themselves through dealers across the country.  Smart choice.

When it comes to price, well guess what, with gutters and so called leaf-free hoods etc, YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!

Wow!  There’s some interesting history there.  We can now begin to see how these product are all connected.

We’ve got downspouts that are permanently connected to underground pipes, so if GutterMaxx really is designed to allow some debris into the system, it may not work for us.  We need a system that will not allow leaves or large fragments into the downspouts.

39 comments to Review of GutterMaxx Leaf Protection System

  • Glenn

    I am not sure who installed Joe’s roof, but I have only lived in houses that had drip edge installed. Gutter or no gutter drip edge is one of the only ways to keep water from coming off the roof and getting your fascia board wet. They usually install with 4 or more inches of metal extending under the first layer of shingles giving you another layer of protection although not where the nails are driven in to hold it to the roof decking. With out a drip edge no gutter would work very well because a lot of water would get between the gutter and fascia boards.

  • Well, i really would like to see ( at least ) some credit for my picture being used in this website. I know that get pictures from internet is the faster way, but i hate piracy too. So, feel free to use my website pictures, but remember to mention where did you got the material. The original picture was taken May 17 2009 1:06 PM. Thanks.

    • Sorry about that. We have edited the post to give you credit (and a link) for the photo. If you’d rather we remove it altogether, we would oblige. Also, if you’ve got any comments or commentary regarding gutter protection systems, we would love to hear from you. Maybe feature guest posts from an expert in the field. That sort of thing.


  • Adding a link is more than we expected. We take around 50 new pictures every day. Feel free to use all the pictures you will need, if you do the same. Thank you.

  • Ron Jacobsen

    I have had a GutterMaxx system for 5 years on my ranch home and it has 2 major problems. It can’t handle a large water flow on the numerous valleys I have on my home and it has icicle problems in the winter. Don’t waste you money on Gutter Maxx, it is way too pricey.

    I am still wating for GutterMaxx Houston to solve my problems as outlined above.

  • Russell Beasley

    I have had GutterMaxx products on my house for eight years and have recently had a problem with them getting clogged with pine needles. The company advertises they will clean the gutters if they ever clog. Here is where my problems begin, I have spoken to the company headquarters in Houston on four separate occasions and have been promised someone will be out to take of the problem; it has been 21 days since my first call and still no resolution. BEWARE DON’T PAY THE HIGHER PRICE FOR THIS PRODUCT THEY DO NOT STAND BEHIND WHAT THEY SELL.

  • Disappointed in Ct

    We have had the GutterMaxx System for about 3 years now. We are surrounded by a forest of very tall trees and decided after moving in that it would be worth the pricey investment (especially given the near 40 foot peak on our house in some areas.) In theory, it should work. We saw the demo, did our research but now are beyond disappointed. The installation was messy. The installers did not put 1 downspout where they were supposed to because it was under a deck and they didn’t want to crawl under it (Guttermaxx did come out and fix that). The biggest problem is the water that pours OVER the gutter in two main areas leaving little water to actually go down the downspout. One overflow led to leaking into our basement, something that NEVER happened previously. We had to pay a contractor to put flashing in to alleviate this problem. We have called Guttermaxx at least 8 times. They have not shown, cancelled, came 1 time but did not BRING a ladder so they could not assess the gutter???!!! We were dealing with Hartford (more local) and finally called the headquarters in Texas a couple times. They told us if there was a problem we should be calling them. Nobody had told us this and our problem has yet to be resolved. Their customer service is truly the WORST of ANY business I have ever dealt with in my entire life. It may be a quality product but sadly we will never know and we are out $5000. If you are thinking about using GutterMaxx, spend your money elsewhere. The only way you will be pleased is if you get lucky with your initial installation and the system works as it is supposed to.

  • Cindy T.

    I agree with your assessment and have been dealing with issues myself with a gutter that had water pouring over it and then a gutter falling off. I have submitted a complaint to the Co. headquarters to the president Frank Fulco, custome service manager Tom Queen and Installation contact Phil Bruce. My issue seems to be the installation and durability of the product. I suggest submitting a complaint in writing to the Company headquarters and also to Hank Philippe Ryan at and to the BBB, this company needs to stop their misleading advertising, poor workmanship and indifferent customer service!! Best, Cindy

  • Lin

    This is the worst gutter system and company. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY. We get ice damns in the winter and when it rains it totally runs off the smooth tops. The only thing this gutter does is keep leaves out.
    We would love to have our old gutters back! The people that work at this company are true ripoff artists and it only cost us $4,ooo.oo to find out!! POS gutter and company!

  • Gary L

    I have had the guttermaxx system for over 8 years now and it worked much better then the normal gutters on my house. I have had a few problems, but I called and they came out within the next few days and fixed my problems (installed some flashing etc.).

    It was a bit pricey but I paid once and never had to worry about it again. I recommend the product.

  • Tom Tusing

    Well folks its just not Gutter maxx all these complaints are common with any hood system If it has and opening stuff will get in thats common sence.A smooth piece of metal at your roof edge will not stop heavy rains Imposible. You need a screen system and not just any screen system you dont need a (MICRO SCREEN) most of those are just to tight and heavy rains will run over. the other problem is oils/tar will leak off your roof when hot and clog the screen. I know this because i have installed/ serviced most major players products out there. I will not mention what i sell now just so you dont think this is a sales pitch. the installer can also make a good product bad by sloppy work just be carefull out there and do your home work you can get a great system installed for around $10.00 to $15.00 per foot paying a penny more will be a waste of your money.

    • Tom, I have fir trees in my back yard and side yard, not mine, but the neighbors and cannot cut them down. You said there are systems out there that will not clog, but I cannot find them. What do you recommend. I need your help. Thank you.

  • Lin

    Don’t be fooled by the salesman when he welcomes you to the guttermaxx family!This gutter system has almost as many flaws as the company. I have never dealt with a company that turns their back as quick as they get their check. We are from the north and this system contributes heavily to ice dams which in turn creates leaking in the house.
    The system was not 6 months old when we started complaining. And don’t go to the BBB they are paid by the companies and will side with them as long as they respond to you complaint.
    Someone was suppose to come out this past summer to fix some things and he never even made an attempt to schedule an appointment.
    So this system when it rains normal to hard can’t catch any of the rain so it skips right off the gutter cover. Don’t be fooled by the salesman when he sprays water on the display he brings it never rains with the rain directed into the side like when he shows you. Rain comes down so fast it hardly ever makes it in this system so you have rain pouring off the house , worst of all over your entry ways so you get soaked entering your home.
    When it snows you are plagued with ice dams. They will tell you this system does not “cause” this problem semantics it contributes more than you know. They will tell you your attic does not have enough insulation anything to pass the buck. We have contracted a roofer ( we have a young 5 year old roof) to give us more soffets and installing a solar power vent, when he came to look he brought a gutter expert who said this system which was not a year old should be removed cause it was going to cause many problems for us. And they do not use gutter aprons or give you all new facia board so that the old nail holes are exposed and will leak. We have leaking when it pours between the gutter and facia board. This system is not good but I have to say the people selling it are straight up bad and will do nothing for you . I would not advise anyone to get this system.

  • Dan

    I have been in the gutter business for 18 years and have installed all types of gutter guards and have removed all types. Their system is good in theory but is laking in actual real world performance. I agree with them on one thing, it’s ok to allow some debris in the system while keeping out the larger debris. The problem, this isn’t that product. This system lets in way to much debris. The salesman who has never installed gutter a day in his life will tell you that the larger 3×4 spouts won’t clog and will self clean the system. He has no idea he just lie to you. Their are two areas for water to get in, 1) the back and 2) the front. The back over time will clog not allowing water in and the front will also clog not allowing water in. This product will need maintainence once a year inside and out. This product will work good the first 3 years then you can expect problems. If you buy this gutter guard well Good Luck!

  • Kathy

    I am a hugely disappointed GutterMaxx customer. I now understand why they require new customers to give references for only 6 months: because that’s about the length of trouble-free time you get. As soon as you have the build up of dirt and debris that occurs over time the gutter system no longer works. We live under tall fir trees, and the fir needles stick to the outer edge of the “lid” of the gutter system, totally defeating the intended water flow. The end result is the gutters drip, drip, drip water ALL the time during rains (and I’m in the Seattle area, so that’s a lot of the time). It’s like having no gutters at all. We were told we could clean the outside of the gutter to remove the needles, but we would need to do so monthly in order to keep the system running as intended. Not what I had in mind for a reduced-maintenance gutter system. I do like the screened downspouts that lead into our underground run off system, keeping needles and debris from clogging underground, but that is all I like about the system. I will replace with a standard gutter system soon! Very disappointed. Don’t get GutterMaxx if you live under trees!

  • Phillip

    I just want to point something out. The history that this person gives is completely bogus. First, LeafGuard’s parent corporation is Englert, that’s why their logo says “Englert’s LeafGuard” (just look at the linked website). There is no business connection between Leafguard and K-Guard.

    Also, LeafGuard was patented in 1993 (according to their website), while K-Guard was patented in 1998 (again, according to their website)(neither of which is 16 years ago). The history and interconnectedness of those three gutter companies as presented here is pure fantasy.

  • Miguel C

    Interesting to see all the negative comments, it must be a situation where people who have had a negative experience want there voices heard, fair enough.

    I have had my system for a little over 4 years now, and have been satisfied with the system and my experience. I also was given the opportunity to call a few existing customers, who all were satisfied with their systems. Along with that I have neighbors with guttermaxx systems that have had satisfaction with their systems as well.

    I did have a clog once (in there defense my yard has a large number of trees). They came out in a reasonable time and took care of it for me however. When I called I was nice and polite and they treated me with respect in return… perhaps a few of you have trouble with being reasonable and treating other humans with respect.

    Overall they promised quite a bit, and they seemed to deliver. It was a bit more than I was anticipating in spending, but anyone that has had to replace siding due to faulty gutter systems would agree with me that the money was well spent. I will continue to recommend guttermaxx if asked.

    • Disappointed in Ct


      I am very happy to hear you have not had any issues that could not be resolved with Guttermaxx. Perhaps your local company was the difference. We did extensive research and thus is why we decided to go with Guttermaxx despite the price being high. We were hoping to get what we paid for.

      I take great offense to you implying that I have not treated people with respect. We spent over $5000 for a system that works less efficient than not having a gutter system at all. Despite being extremely frustrated, I have treated each person with respect- all 10+ phone calls. Nearly 2 years since my initial post, I have yet to have Guttermaxx even attempt to resolve my issues. Last year, my builder went on our roof for a different issue and found the gutter system was screwed directly through the shingles- he took pictures of what Guttermaxx informed me was “impossible”.

      Perhaps you need to be less judgemental of people you know not at all other than wanting to give others a fair warning as to our negative experiences.

      • It is impossible for Guttermaxx to be screwed into shingles as it is attached to the Fascia boards of the home. To go thru a shingle would mean it would be attached to the roof. The bracket in the system faces straight toward the fascia and can not face upward toward the roof in any way at all……………..

        • Disappointed in CT


          This is exactly what I was told by Joe(manager in CT), then he came out and saw for himself and admitted that he could not believe they were installed the way that they were (although they still have yet to be corrected).

          I cannot explain the details of what was attached to what as it is not my expertise. I have pictures and several professionals (including a Guttermaxx manager) who did see it was not an “impossible” way for the Guttermaxx System to be attached. I also now had to replace part of my front door frame as the water breaching over the gutter above it caused it to rot. $5000 into a gutter system that is supposed to be preventative maintenance and instead is causing us more home maintenance. We have finally come to the realization after nearly 6 years that it is hopeless to keep expecting Guttermaxx to provide us a functioning gutter system.

          Scott, you are obviously affiliated with Guttermaxx in some capacity and seem to be more inline with what the sales pitch promised. Perhaps if you were out of CT, this experience for us would have been completely different but for us it is nothing less than what I have stated.

  • Tony

    I am pricing a gutter guard system for a development that i am the President of the Association. Located in CT. I am looking at Guttermaxx and LeafGuard and would love to hear from anybody that had these system installed recently what it’s their opinion. I understand that no system works 100% and read all the negative experience above with Guttermaxx but would like to hear from more recent installation and customer service response to any problem.

    • Team

      Hi Tony. Your question is the reason I started this site. It is very difficult to obtain new information of the variety that you need. People just deal with their gutters very often… maybe once or twice in a lifetime. From what I’ve seen, installers and salesmen vary across the board. Unfortunately, unless you luck out and get a great, reliable local referral… you will probably have to assess any salesmen or installers on your own.

  • Steve C

    It is interesting the number of negative comments when the BBB gives them an A+ and shows all complaints resolved. Don’t forget to report to the BBB when there are problems you cannot have resolved.

  • To all the above good or bad, please realize a few things, no matter what you do sometimes some people will not be happy with what you do. These systems ARE NOT maintenance free and they do not guarantee nothing will ever get into the systems. You must spray the system off occasionally so the system does not get so dirty that it wont follow the top into the trough. Water will follow the surface it falls on as long as the surface is maintained. Secondly debris will get in the system and the water will normally carry it out. That said when you have tropical storms, and heavy wind conditions, some things like pine needles can come in the system in bunches. If your area has a lot of those types of trees then this can happen to many customers at one time. In these cases we may have many many homes to attend to at once to clean. When your dealing with those types of storms and complaints it may take them a while to out to you! Be reasonable in your expectations. Ice can also cause some problems depending on the climate you live in, some things are, what they are. Dont use those issues to judge areas and companies not in those climates. Your expectations need to be realistic and your salesman needs to be honest. Dont let anyone tell you that absolutely NO LEAVES WILL EVER GET IN YOUR SYSTEM, thats simply not true. The company hopes their system can handle what your home offers, and if not they will come unclog them for free. This all said I am sure people have had frustrating problems, to you I am sorry. Sure wish that People would write in about good stuff to, but as we are, negatives get posted, the other 98 percent of good things, we never hear about!

    • Team

      Scott, that is a very reasonable write-up. Thanks for taking the time to post your recommendations and guidance. The problem most likely lies somewhere between reality and where the salesmen and installers set the customer’s expectations. The product just doesn’t sound appealing at the asking price if it doesn’t work the way it is advertised. It’s like selling somebody a “maintenance-free” television and then, after the sale, telling them they really need to take it into the shop every year to have it maintained.

  • ann jeter aleixo

    Just called Guttermaxx to see if they can clean up a very moldy gutter. We have Guttermaxx gutters. I called their 1-800 number. Very, very rude. The lady who I spoke to started ma’am ing me in a durogatory way. She said we do not clean gutters! Did I want to have Guttermaxx gutters installed. She finally looked up my phone number and saw that we do have a warranty of some kind. When I asked if there is a charge for them to come look at the gutters she was evasive. Again..terrible customer service. And I am a nice person. Imagine if I was calling with a complaint. I was very disappointed as we have not had to call them in the past.

    • Team

      Ann, thanks for writing about your experience… that’s the whole point of this site. We want to provide the public with real world experiences with gutter systems and their installers, both good and bad.

    • Geoff

      The warranty GutterMaxx offers is that if they ever CLOG we will clean them for free, we do not clean the outside of the gutters to make them look pretty, if you buy a new car do with warranty’s does that cover general maintenance, like brakes, or tires, or any other type of normal wear and tear? I know they most definitely don’t wash it for free. The ladies in Texas are there to forward your information to the appropriate branch, they can’t answer questions about money because they can’t give you a accurate answer, and yes they do say Ma’am in Texas its a pretty common phrasing….

  • Bob Petruzzelli

    So, I read all of these reviews about Guttermax customer service and yet, I still spent my $4,000 to put Guttermax up on my home in early October 2012.

    People, listen to these reviews. The Guttermax company in Connecticut does not support the product. Their salesman was very impressive with his in-house demo of the product. What he showed me about the differences between Guttermax and Leafguard was impressive.

    Now, I should say that I had Leafguard at a home I owned previously. It was a HOA style community and the builder had Leafguard installed. When I had clogs the local Leafguard company was called and they came right out and cleaned the gutters. Twice……..

    But with that experience and the demo by the local salesman I was convinced that the Guttermax product was superior. Actually with only two months experience, I am still of the impression that it is a better product.

    So we went ahead and had Guttermax installed. They were very fast to come and install the product. But less than a week after we had them installed we had a downpour rain storm. I found what I think, then and now, was a small problem with the installation. One of the downspouts was tee’d into another downspout and I think it was pushed in a little too far. In heavy rain the water shoots back out where the downspout tees in.

    I called Guttermax for what I think is a 10 minute tweak. Their crew manager, Joe, promised time after time to come out and fix it.

    I’m still waiting…

    After two weeks I called my salesman. After expressing total outrage at this treatment he promised me to get it fixed. Sure enough Joe called the next day and promised, absolutely promised, to be out the next day.

    I’m still waiting.

    I called the salesman, who’s name is Zen, (yes Zen) with the news that it still wasn’t fixed. I told him it was my last call and that I’d be posting a negative review on the product. He said he understood and he’d get it taken care of.

    I’m still waiting.

    I think it is a good product. But if you install it, don’t expect any kind of warranty / guarantee support from the Connecticut based company.

    If a salesman named Zen shows up at your door. Tell him no thank you and call Leafguard.

  • TexasTexasTexas

    Hi, Thank you to everyone who took the time to write these reviews. I was actually in the process of asking for an appt to interview with GutterMaxx …then thought I should google a few reviews. The thought of selling a product that doesn’t live up to my presentation, or a company not backing my word means I won’t apply.

    Also, more people need to know the truth about the BBB. It is NOT NOT NOT for the public!!! It is for the businesses. In exchange for $300 or so (varies by city and number of years a member), the business gets a BBB decal for their window. Reporting someone to the BBB doesn’t ding a company’s BBB record in any way, as long as the company responds to the complaint.

    I’ve seen customers provide contracts, dates of contacts, pictures / proof of bad workmanship, etc to the BBB. All the “member” has to do is RESPOND to the complaint. One sentence is enough if they’re a paid member. Ta-da…”This company resolved the dispute.”

    • Geoff

      Your ideas on how a BBB complaint work are ridiculous and you have clearly never handled one yourself. There are certain lengths of time we have to respond (usually 10 days) and then after we respond the customer responds and agree’s or disagree’s, if we do nothing we get an unresolved complaint. Why don’t you do everyone a favor and stick to what your good at, whatever that is, and not give your two cents about a company, product or procedures that you don’t know one thing about.

    • Lin

      We did file a complaint with the BBB and that was a joke I had all my information and just because they responded with an answer the BBB marked it as resolved. We spent an additional money (thousaads more) to fix the problem.
      I believe these gutters are ok if put up by experts ( they hired 2 college kids to do ours) We had to have a professional redo it and so far it has been fine.But these gutters are really not great in the Northeast cause you get snow damns freezing over the gutters which will cause leaks inside.Better if you are just dealing with leaves and rain. Snow and freezing temps can be a recipe for dissaster with this gutter, especially if they do not use all new facia board etc.
      Also be advised the BBB use to be trustworthy but times have changed and if there is a AAA rating don’t take that as holygrail.

  • tedpain

    Purchased a house last year with guttermaxx gutters. Had the lifetime warranty transferred to me at the time of purchase. Noticed the gutters filling up with debris over the winter and performance was pretty poor during heavy rains. Finally called last month to schedule them to come out for a cleaning. Wife has called three times and we’ve been promised a callback each time but never received one. Last time asked to speak to a manager and was promised a response by the end of the day. Nothing. I have taken over now but have been very disappointed so far with the lack of service. Today, the lady told me that there are many people ahead of me in line. I told her that my place in line should have been set a month ago. Will update if I ever get this resolved.

  • Geoff

    Hello everyone. I would like to start by saying that I apoligize for any inconvience suffered, but I would like to let everyone with a bad complaint pertaining to the CT branch of Gutter Maxx that if you call our office at (860-828-5858) your problems and service needs will be taken seriously and dealt with in a reasonable amout of time. Second I would like to remind everyone that our gutters do not keep 100% of debris out it says it right in our contracts that we sell a “SELF FLUSHING covered system with a Lifetime No-Clog Warranty” gutter system. Also i would like to remind everyone that our branch installs hundreds of jobs per year in 6 differnt states and although our goal is 100% satisfaction problems do occur in our bussiness same as any other, these bad reviews are regretable but I can assure perspective buyers that most satisfied customers don’t post on these websites because they recived exactly what they were expecting, a superior product.

  • Gerald Bello

    I have been reading all of the various accounts from purchasers of GutterMaxx, which I just ordered yesterday. However, having read a good many of the negative accounts, I am seriously considering canceling the order. Any advice?

  • Mark

    It appears I am in the minority. I am 4+ years post-installation of my Guttermaxx system. High quality construction and installation. All is well.


    I am sorry to have recommended Guttermaxx to 5-6 potential customers. They installed their 7″ open gutter system on my Spanish tile roof. The installation crew did not locate the rafter ends and install the bracket screws into any solid support. Consequently, after about a year, the gutters began to sag in two or three places. I called, they came & supposedly reinstalled the brackets. What I now realize is that they just moved the brackets and installed the screws into MORE of the soft facia board. Now it has started to come loose again. I have called repeatedly, but have gotten NO response. I would RUN as fast as you can from any guttermaxx salesman. The company will not stand behind it’s product. BAD, BAD, BAD, DOUBLE BAD.

    • Geoff

      I apoligize for any bad service that you may have recieved, and I’m out of the CT branch and we don’t do your style gutters, but I can tell you that neither system that we install is required to screw into rafter ends, our hangers are spaced 2ft apart max and our screws are rated for 500 pounds pull out of 3/4″ fascia board, if the gutters are coming out then it is bringing the entire fascia with it and you need to have the fascia either resecured or replaced.

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